Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Note of the Week

For beginners, chose one note or even one sound and earmark it as the "Note of the Week". Pick one that you need to use in a song you are learning but it isn't quite where it needs to be. Let's say you need a real nice Kan no Ro sound that expands outwards. This is a good sound to start with as it's right in the middle of everything and the better it is the better it'll set up a lot of other sounds. Play long tones making sure the pitch is good and the note strong. Create the best Kan no Ro you can and let that be YOUR Kan no Ro. Don't settle for anything less when you need to use it. In other words, begin to set your own standards for individual sounds. Practice playing Ro, then another note, then back to the same RO sound. Do this for all the notes and back to Ro each time so that you get used to going back to the same Ro sound. In other words, make Kan no Ro the center of this shakuhachi world for 10 minutes so that everything flows around Ro. If you give it attention and care for it in such a way, it will be much more consistant and much more personal. This is ACTIVE training. Don't be passive and just accept what comes out. It will get better. Everything you can think of for caring for Ro and practicing will make it more uniquely YOUR Kan no Ro. Do this for one note a week. Think of your progress after 6 months!


HarpGear said...

Thanks for all your time in posting these valuable lessons for the community. This is the kind of advice that can really resonate with beginners and bring better players back to the basics. This is stuff everyone can use :o)


ntimperio said...
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ntimperio said...

I will do this starting with the example Kan no Ro. This is a great idea!